Watch These 9 Epic Jon Stewart Moments To Celebrate The End Of His Run On ‘The Daily Show’

Youtube / Comedy Central
Youtube / Comedy Central

Jon Stewart has been at the helm of the Daily Show since 1999, and has provided a clarion voice to combat dishonesty in both politics and the media.

His last show will be next week on August 6th, and we decided to scour the internet to find some epic moments from Jon Stewart in the last fifteen years to commemorate the end.

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1. When he called out CNN for their obsessive coverage of MH370.

2. And also single-handily had a CNN show shut down.

3. While everyone else was going crazy over Brian Williams, he reminded us of the big picture.

4. The one night he threw out the jokes, and gave us a real talk after the Charleston AME church shooting.

5. That time he completely destroyed Fox’s politically-motivated Benghazi obsession.

6. But also slams Obama for breaking his healthcare promises.

7. When He roasted Bill O’Reilly on his own program.

8. When he rightfully shamed people for comparing Obama to Nazis.

9. And then pretty much any segment involving Donald Trump, including this one:

Thanks for all the laughs, Jon! It’s been a good time! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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