This Is What We Know So Far About John Houser, The Louisiana Movie Theater Shooter

Twitter / Carolyn Scofield
Twitter / Carolyn Scofield

1. The shooter’s name was John Houser, a 59-year-old from Phenix City, Alabama. He purchased a ticket for the movie and was watching it for almost twenty minutes before opening fire on the theater. He acted alone, and had no clear motive to attack this particular building. He remained silent through the shooting, which one onlooker described as “random” and then tried to flee in the crowd. He ran back into the theater after seeing police officers and shot himself. Two victims were fatally shot, and nine others were injured. [Source]

2. After the shooting police searched his motel room and found wigs, glasses, and various disguises. He didn’t wear any of these disguises when attacking the theater. [Source]

3. Houser appears to have spelled his middle name “Russell” rather than “Russel,” which is what most mainstream media outlets are reporting the spelling as. [Source]

4. He seems to have frequently gone by the moniker “Rusty Houser.”

5. The shooter seemed to had a variety of different education experiences and careers during the course of his life. He got a law degree from Faulkner University in 1991 after receiving an undergraduate degree in Accounting. He owned two different bars, did talk radio, and sold real estate. [Source]

6. He described himself as an “unwelcome guest” at City Council board meetings. [Source]

7. Houser was extremely homophobic, stating his support of the Westboro Baptist “Church” on Twitter.

And speaking out against gay marriage on a political discussion forum. / Rusty Hauser / Rusty Houser / Rusty Hauser / Rusty Houser

8. He also claimed to “hate liberals.”

9. He had an account on Tea Party Nation. [Source]

10. He supported Islamic fanaticism and the terror that comes with it. / Rusty Hauser / Rusty Houser / Rusty Houser / Rusty Houser / Rusty Houser / Rusty Houser

11. He was supportive of Hilter’s Nazi Germany. / Rusty Houser / Rusty Houser / Rusty Houser / Rusty Houser

12. And believed George Zimmerman was a national hero. / Rusty Houser / Rusty Houser

13. He was racist, and anti-Semitic.

14. He actually hated America. / Rusty Houser / Rusty Houser

15. He was absolutely, positively, a terrorist. TC mark

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