Shark Falls From The Sky Right Into A Virginia Woman’s Backyard

Youtube / Live LeaK
Youtube / Live LeaK

Rain, you expect to come from the sky. Snow, yes, sometimes. Hail, annoying, but yeah, it comes from the sky.

But…sharks? Apparently so.

A Virginia woman, Sue Bowser, was called out of the house by her excited kids, insisting there was a shark in their backyard. She scoffed initially, but followed them into the yard where she saw the 13-inch baby shark laying on a sidewalk leading to her porch.

Apparently the shark had fallen out of the mouth of a passing bird, as it was dead when they found it. The woman has decided to keep the shark carcass in the back of her freezer, to serve as a memento of the very weird event.

“I would like to preserve the shark because a lot of people have asked about it, and I think it’s just so unique,” Bowser said.

The shark is apparently “the talk” of the neighborhood with people stopping by just to get a glance or take a picture with it.

CNN affiliate “Wavy” reports that the family has no plans to cook the shark. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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