Rihanna Is The Most Successful Digital Artist In The History Of The World And Her Latest Music Video Of ‘BBHMM’ Shows Why

Twitter / MTV Hip-Hop
Twitter / MTV Hip-Hop

The Recording Industry Association of America had a big announcement for this July: Rihanna is the most successful artists, like, ever.

She has become the first artist ever to sell over 100 million single tracks. While she is the first, however, it is unlikely that she will be the last.

To celebrate, she released a thoroughly gory and thoroughly bizarre new music video entitled “Bitch Better Have My Money”.

The video features kidnapping, torture, drugs, vandalism, and a whole hosts of other straight up insane shit.

People have a lot of feelings about the music video:


See the full video here:

So yes, the video is more than a little outside the box. But people are writing about it, tweeting about it, and sharing it. Truly, this shows why Rihanna is such a successful digital artist. As for me, watching her music video once was prolly enough: but you do you, Rihanna! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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