Oklahoma Governor Is Kicking Her Daughter’s Trailer Off Government Property

Youtube / ctown legend
Youtube / ctown legend

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin says she was just being a good mother when she allowed her daughter to park her trailer on the Governor Mansion’s lawn and connect the mobile home to the mansion’s utilities.

“[The Governor’s daughter] had the travel trailer before she moved it to the mansion and was looking for a permanent place to put it,” a spokesman for Gov. Fallin says, “She had one living arrangement that fell through, so the governor said, ‘Why don’t you come put it on the mansion property?'”

Why not, indeed!?

The trailer began generating some publicity around the capitol, with people publicly wondering whether it was violating any ordinances by being parked openly on government property. As it turns out, no laws were broken, but administrative rules of the capitol district prohibited any mobile homes in the area. So sadly, the Governor has announced that her daughter has to get her trailer off the lawn.

Watch local news coverage on the “controversial” trailer: Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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