My McDonalds Lunch Is Literally F*cking Wilted-Ass Salad And This Is Bullsh*t

Photo Credit: Writer's iPhone
Photo Credit: Writer’s iPhone 5c

So. I go to McDonalds today for lunch. I get a chicken tender meal, but sub out the fries for a side salad. I know my salad doused in ranch dressing probably isn’t really that healthy, but I love salads!

I get back to work and eat my chicken tenders right away. Then I open the separate bag with the side salad and take a look at my salad (above).

Like, this thing is barren. No bacon bits, no obligatory croutons, not even any cheese, and approximately 75% wilting iceberg lettuce.

Iceberg Lettuce
Iceberg Lettuce

ALSO to add insult to injury, there was one lame-ass cherry tomato j-chillin on the side of the container (its not viewable in the main picture).

The saddest, loneliest tomato ever
The saddest, loneliest tomato in the entire universe

Like, did McDonalds just have some extra tomatoes from their main salads and someone was like, “Ah! Let’s just throw a solitary tomato in every side salad!”

To give credit where credit is due, there were a few pieces of dark green spinach that did appear to have some qualities of taste and nutritional value.

The foundation stones of this salad.
The dreams that this salad could have been made of

Yeah, it’s McDonalds and yeah it’s a fast-food side salad, but can we get some cheese please?? Or at least give that one tomato some kind of company in there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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