Meek Mill Puts Drake On Blast, Says ‘He Don’t Write His Own Raps’

Instagram / Meek Mill
Instagram / Meek Mill

Meek Mill took to Twitter to state a fact that he says multiple people in the music industry definitively know: award-winning rapper Drake doesn’t actually write his own raps.

He offers a tip of the hat to some other rappers, before going right back to ripping into Drake.

Mill then starts to explain the particulars about why he decided to “expose” Drake’s alleged ghostwriting.

He then concludes by tweeting the name of a known ghostwriter, Quentin Miller.

Drake hasn’t directly responded to these allegations, but plenty of people have offered up thoughts of their own:

Drake was born in Toronto, and his city sure hasn’t forgotten him. Toronto City Council Norm Kelly offered some particularly pointed words for Mill.

And just in case there was any doubt that that was Mill himself, he uploaded a photo to Instagram definitively saying that he was’t hacked. This was all him.

Another day, another shade. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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