Mayor Once Again Marries A Crocodile In Public Ceremony Funded Entirely By The Townspeople

Youtube / rajnews41
Youtube / rajnews41

Mayor Joel Vasquez Rojas held a public ceremony in his town for a very special occasion: his wedding. It was the second one in only two years, and both times his beautiful bride was a crocodile.


Yes, a crocodile. Why, you ask?

Youtube /
Youtube / rajnews41

The purpose of the ceremony is to ask the reptile for the gifts of “rain” and “good fishing”. According to the Inquirer:

Townspeople in the southern Mexico village of San Pedro Huamelula dress up a small crocodile as a bride and symbolically marry her to the mayor.

The small crocodile is first “baptized” and serenaded with local music as she is paraded through town.

She participates in a dance and then is released into the wild, though her snout was taped shut for this week’s ceremony to prevent her from biting.

The townspeople are expected to pay for the entire cost of the wedding, and those who do not chip in are punished with fines.

I wonder who the lucky bride will be next year? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t IB Times

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