Man Drugged His Girlfriend’s Tea So He Could Keep Playing Video Games And Not Have To Spend Time With Her

Flickr / Shanna S
Flickr / Shanna S

A court has now fined a 23-year-old German man for slipping a sedative drug into his girlfriend’s tea so that he could keep playing video games, rather than having to spend a quiet night with his partner. The Local explains exactly what happened:

On an evening in August 2014, he was playing on his games console with a friend when his (now ex-) girlfriend arrived at home at around 10pm.

After ten hours at work, she had understandably been planning on having a quiet evening rather than one punctuated by the clatter of machine-gun fire or computerized commentators screaming over a non-existent football game.

When she expressed a desire to have him turn the gaming console off and hang out, the man leapt into action. According to court documents he put four or five drops of sedatives in her tea, which had her passed out until the middle of the next day.

She later tried to go to work, but kept on “nodding off” and struggled to stay awake. The boyfriend confessed that he drugged her tea that same day. They broke up shortly after.

While he admits that it “was stupid” the man now insists he is on “the straight path” and is going to be getting a job soon. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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