Judy Blume Is Helping A Husband Find His Wife’s Treasured Book He Accidentally Donated

Flickr / Ninian Reid
Flickr / Ninian Reid

Maris Kreizman was walking through Brooklyn when she saw a peculiar sign pinned to a telephone post. It was trying to track down a missing book.

The novel was an old edition of the book “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret,” written by talented author Judy Blume. Apparently the husband had donated the book, not realizing (or remembering) that the book was given to his wife by her mother, and had enormous sentimental value.

Kreizman snapped a photo of the sign, and posted a picture of it on Instagram. Eventually it was seen by the author herself, who immediately joined in the hunt.

Even if they don’t end up finding the exact book, the husband confirms that Blume’s intervention saved his marriage!

Regardless, inspector Blume is still on the case!

Judy Blume is certifiably an awesome author AND total investigative badass. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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