Chinese Man Converts His Flat Into A Police Station And Pretends To Be A Real Cop

Flickr / John Lloyd
Flickr / John Lloyd

There are low-key cons, like getting emails from a Nigerian prince who wants to bequest you his entire fortune, or a toothpaste commercial that swears your teeth will be sparkling white after five uses.

Then there are very high-key cons, like converting your home into a police station and pretending to be a cop named “Inspector Lei” to earn some extra cash on the side.

Sound too crazy to be real? Yeah, that’s what I hoped to.

A man in China’s Hubei province, however, was just exposed for operating a two year fraud where he pretended he was a cop and that his flat was a police precinct. He had an elaborate office space and an interrogation room adorned with the Chinese flag. He even went the extra mile to attach a siren to the top of his car.

He would make money by selling fake Public Security Bureau documents and phony warrants. As it turns out, he was only caught because his ex-girlfriend outed him after he threatened to publish a sex-tape of them online.

Frankly, I am curious as to whether this story follows the plot line of Let’s Be CopsThought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t The Guardian 

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