Canadian Woman Live-Tweeted Every Excruciating Moment Of The Bad First Date Going On At The Table Next To Her And It Is Hilarious

Twitter / Anne Thériault
Twitter / Anne Thériault

Anne Thériault is not only just a phenomenal writer and awesome Thought Catalog contributor, she also apparently has an insanely sharp ear for awful dates gone wrong. Anne was recently forced to overhear an absolutely terrible date happening at a table next to hers, and not able to endure it alone, she live-tweeted the entire hot mess for the world to experience with her. This is how it went.

So it begins,

Apparently this guy is also known for being “v. modest”.

How the girl on this date probably feels right now…

Source: Imgur

Pro-tip: Not that I would know, but I suspect that this isn’t how you get people to fall in love with you.

“Hi! We are going to go on this date together, but actually everything you say is gonna be about me!”

Ummmm. (?!?!)

Run girl, run like the wind.

The end is near.


Thériault’s live-tweet went viral soon after, and she was almost a little #bitter about that being the thing she was known for.

But not really.

But not everyone was entertained (apparently),


So real. Too real?

Lesson learned: if you are going to be narcissistic on a first date, make sure that nobody is live-tweeting the experience for everyone to read about. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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