A Teen Blogger Broke Into The ‘OITNB’ Set To Take Pictures And Got The Perfect Response From The Show

Samantha Gardella decided to take her fandom of Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black to the next level by driving to the Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center and taking pictures.

But not just taking ordinarily pictures, but rather, trying to fit screenshots from key scenes in the show into their real backgrounds on set.

She did a fabulous job.

Source: Tumblr / Samantha Gardella

Source: Tumblr / Samantha Gardella

Source: Tumblr / Samantha Gardella

Source: Tumblr / Samantha Gardella

Her pictures quickly began to gain steam on Tumblr, and apparently they became popular enough to grab the attention of the show’s legal team who sent her an email asking her not to trespass on the set again. However, the more informal “response” to her trespassing was maybe the best thing ever.

Hella funny. Well played OITNB, well played. TC mark

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