A Full Chronicle Of Donald Trump’s Descent Into Presidential Candidate Absurdity

Flickr / Gage Skidmore
Flickr / Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump announced his Presidential bid on June 16th, 2015, which is also when the wheels began falling off his wagon.

His announcement speech at Trump Tower could only be characterized as extremely bizarre, as he gifted the world the best meme ever by descending an escalator to declare his intentions to seek the Presidency of the United States.

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But if the introduction of the announcement was bad, the content of his speech was much MUCH worse. You can watch the full video here, or the highlight reel produced by New York Daily News is below.


  • Trump claims to prove he likes China because he sold an apartment to a Chinese man.
  • He promises to be the greatest jobs president “God ever created”
  • “I don’t need anybody’s money. Cuz I’m REALLY rich.”
  • He would let Obama golf on one of his gold courses, cuz he has the best in the world.
  • He says that the Mexicans coming to America are rapists and criminals. Then clarifies that at least a few of them — by the simple law of big numbers — must be good people (!!!!)

Before even leaving the venue, however, trouble was brewing for Trump. His announcement event seemed to be packed with his many fans and supporters, but…were they? Reports quickly began to surface that many of the attendees were paid actors from “Extra Mile NYC” which provides paid bodies to fill up rooms for events.

Speculation began after Angelo Carusone published an article on Medium where he described how he found an Instagram photo of a man at the Trump event who was a regular paid actor. The Hollywood Reporter later confirmed the story with the text of an email sent to recruit people for the “Trump gig”:

The Hollywood Reporter
The Hollywood Reporter

Then, of course, people were forced to digest what Trump had said. And it didn’t go down well. Donald Trump’s remarks about Mexicans were incredibly racist. I think it is worth pausing to discuss why Trump’s remarks were so offensive. They reduced the Mexican people to these carelessly thrown out stereotypes that Trump tried (and still tries) to dress up as “facts”

A fact is that there are some rapists in Mexico.

A fact is that there are some murderers in Mexico.

An ill-informed opinion, bordering on bigotry, is trying to characterize all illegal Mexican immigrants through the lens of their worst citizens. That’s the same things the enemies of America do with us. Find the worst, find the nastiest, folks possible and then say that EVERYONE that shares a country with them are the same.

For a nation founded on immigration, it should be humbling that there are citizens all across the world who are willing to risk life and limb to illegally enter our country. And yes, there are laws, and yes they must be followed, so we must prevent illegal immigration from happening to hold up order and protect our national security. But there is something exceptionally nasty with taking mothers and fathers who just want jobs and the ability to feed their family and painting them as rapists and murderers.

And so it was during the national discussion of these comments when Trump got his first blast of bad news.

Univision announced that it would no longer be broadcasting Trump’s Miss USA pageant, because the network would prefer to not be associated with Trump in any way. “The Donald” responded to this with a slew of bizarre conspiracy theories:





Trump responded with an punch to the jugular: He banned Univision from his luxury golf course and resort.

But despite Trump’s heartless ban, other organizations would follow in severing their ties with Trump:

NBC announced that they would join Univision in not airing the Miss USA or Miss Universe pageant. In response, Trump has announced that he might be suing both firms (??). Now, networks have been joined by the department store Macy’s, which is also dumping Trump. They announced that they will no longer be caring Donald Trump’s clothing line, which, as Trump rallies against outsourcing, was hypocritically completely manufactured in China.

Immediately after their announcement, Trump issued a statement pretending that he ended the relationship with Macy’s:

Rumors are now also surfacing that TJX Companies have ordered all Trump merchandise to be immediately removed from their various stores.

Despite this, Trump has continued to defend his hateful remarks. He made a particularly pointed argument with CNN’s Don Lemon, where he asked defiantly, “Who is doing the raping?”


Donald Trump’s only true reply to everything is to point his standing in the polls. He is frequently polling in the top three GOP candidates both in early primary states and nationwide. But in a field as crowded as the Republican’s current slate, it doesn’t take much support to get there. The top names are consistently the best known names, but as voters get to know the other candidates, they have opportunities to gain support. Everybody already knows Trump, he doesn’t have many votes to grab. If he ever receives more than 15% of the vote in any caucus or primary contest, I will be very surprised.

Furthermore, when pitted against Democrat Hillary Clinton, Trump loses by 24 points, the worst of any Republican in that batch of CNN opinion polls.

Trump is a sideshow. Most Americans don’t take Donald Trump seriously, because he hasn’t behaved like a serious candidate. He just says whatever nonsense comes to his mind, using distorted data and stories to contort his racially-changed, quasi-populist delusions. Donald Trump should do America a big solid and just GTFO of this Presidential race. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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