14 Super Real Snapchat Messages You Would Have Gotten In The ’90s

Flickr / AdamPrzezdziek
Flickr / AdamPrzezdziek

Remember the ’90s? A simpler time with quality cartoons and…jobs.

What kind of things would you have shared with your friends if you could have “snapped” them back in the ’90s? Some people had some solid theories:

1. The Capri Sun Straw Battles Never Ended

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2. <3 <3 <3

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3. Stupid Kidz Bop CD!

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4. Before Wine And Netflix

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5. This Was Everyday Of My Life

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6. Freaky As Fuq

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Source: Imgur

8. It Told Me I’d Be Single Forever…And It Was Right.

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9. Where Did These Go??

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11. Parents Never Believed That Actually Worked

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12. :(

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13. Yes.

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14. You Could Always An Old Phonebook

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How we miss you ’90s… TC mark

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