United States Government To Replace Alexander Hamilton With A Woman On $10 Bill

Flickr / Stephen Little
Flickr / Stephen Little

Alexander Hamilton was our country’s first Treasury Secretary. Notorious for being one of the only founding fathers to support an American monarchy, he managed to assemble and execute a financial plan that eventually set the new United States on stable financial footing.

Tomorrow, the department that he helped create will announce that they are stripping his face off the $10 bill.

The speculation was ignited by a tweet from Nancy Lindborg, who is the President of the US Institute of Peace:

Twitter / @nancylindborg
Twitter / @nancylindborg

Her tweet seemed to be confirmed by reporter Philip Crowther, who covers the White House for France24.

He mentions that Lindborg “broke an embargo”, which implies that those “in the know” were asked to not release the story until a specific time.

The story was alluded to earlier today by CNN’s Michelle Kosinski:

And sources have also apparently confirmed the story to IJReview, who helped break the news.

Not everyone is happy about the news:


The presence of the hashtag, #TheNewTen, seems to imply that the Treasury Department will be soliciting suggestions for our new ten dollar bill. Who do you think should be on #TheNewTen?? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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