This Homeless Man Found $2000 On The Street, But He Turned It Into The Police Because All He Wants Is A Job

Youtube / CTV news
Youtube / CTV news

A homeless man in Victoria, Canada struck gold a few weeks ago when he found $2,000, all cash, just laying on the street.

Instead of keeping it, however, the man decided to turn it over to the police.

A local media personality, Mike Kelly, heard about the story when it first gained some attention. In response to such a selfless action, Kelly began a crowdsourcing campaign to raise money for the homeless man. The campaign rose over $5,000, but police are saying that the man doesn’t want the money.

The homeless man, who has declined to be identified at any point in his saga, insists that the money should be donated to a local charity called “Our Place” that arranges for meals to be provided for those in need.

The man said there was one thing he did want however:

A job.

The man has refused any profit from his good deed, and rejected any media attention. All he wants is the opportunity to clock-in a workplace and earn money for himself.

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