This Dead Guy Won A Mayoral Election In Mexico

Youtube / Info Michoacán
Youtube / Info Michoacán

Enrique Hernández just managed to win a commanding victory (at least 10 points) over the drug cartels in a Mayoral race in western Mexico. Before becoming a candidate for Mayor, he was an avid public activist who openly called out (literally) the names of corrupt government officials and exposed how the local government was working in unison with a local cartel known as “The Knights Templar”.

Only problem? Hernández was shot dead at a campaign rally almost a month ago. Three government officials have been charged with his murder, including, ironically, the area’s Director of Public Safety. Hence, Yurécuaro just elected a candidate who’s six feet under.

“We must be conscious of the fact that to rebel against the lawlessness of the Knights Templar we must at once rebel against the state government that supports them,” – Enrique Hernández

While the man is dead, however, his message of reform will live on.

His post in city hall will not be left vacant. In Hernández’s place, the office of mayor will be filled by Marco Antonio González, who after the murder had pledged to “go out and continue the campaign, making it clear that a vote for us is not a vote for a party slate but for the ideals of a man, Enrique Hernández.”

Interestingly enough, before turning to politics as an outlet to address for the area’s egregious social problems, Hernández led an armed militia who actively defended themselves and other civilians from “The Knights Templar” Cartel.

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