The Amount Of Ownage JK Rowling Dished Out On Twitter Is Enough To Make Voldemort Cry

Flickr / Daniel Ogren
Flickr / Daniel Ogren

If JK Rowling is known for one thing, it is writing the Harry Potter series.

If JK Rowling is known for two things, it is writing the Harry Potter series and absolutely owning trolls and clowns on social media.

Last weekend she did it again.

Twitter trolls were trying to flame JK Rowling because of her political beliefs. Rowling lives in Scotland, considers herself a proud Scot, but supports staying apart of the United Kingdom and opposes the ultra-nationalistic “Scottish Nationalist Party”.

Trolls tried to tell her that those beliefs made her a fraud of a Scotsman.

It begins with:

But, oh snap!

Then someone aims tries for a low blow, but trips and falls on their butt!

When asked how she’s coping with all the trolls,

All while pointing out people’s utter lack of sense

And apparently housing the entire popular of Scotland under her stairs!

Want some ice for that burn?? LOL jk you get no ice, troll.

Then she sums up all internet trolls in one eloquent tweet

Thanks everyone for their love,

And apparates out of the internet!

Can JK Rowling just run the internet already?? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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