Taylor Swift Just Donated $15,000 To The GoFundMe Of The Fireman Who Responded To His Own Family’s Car Crash

Flickr /  GabboT
Flickr / GabboT

Last week Texas volunteer firefighter Aaron Van Riper was called out to respond to an accident on a local highway. Upon arriving, he was shocked to find that it was his wife and child who were the accident victims.

“It’s my family. My wife was laying there on the ground. [By] the look of the car, I don’t know how either one of them lived. There was nothing left of that car,” said Van Riper, the assistant fire chief at the Thomas Lake Road Volunteer Fire Department told KTRK.

Despite serious medical injuries, both the wife and child survived and are expected to make a full recovery.

However, the family doesn’t have health insurance, which leaves them with a big fat $125,000 medical bill to pay. Hoping for the community’s assistance, a GoFundMe was set up by a family friend. If the overwhelming support itself was surprising, a donation from a very special person might have been even more so.

Facebook / Robin Davis
Facebook / Robin Davis

Wow wow wow!! Amazing.

The family is grateful to everyone (including TAYLOR SWIFT💘) for their generosity and prayers.

Facebook / Aaron VanRiper
Facebook / Aaron VanRiper

T-Swift is da bomb! TC mark

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