Spelling-Challenged State Senator Claims Marriage Equality Is A Victory For The Mentally Ill

Facebook / Dwight Kiefert
Facebook / Dwight Kiefert

Meet North Dakota state Senator Dwight Kiefert.

Kiefert, unfortunately, had a bad day last Friday with the legalization of gay marriage across the entire United States. Going to Facebook with his anger, he crafted this barely intelligible post about the ruling:

Twitter / Nick Hennen

He expanded on his eloquent remarks about “homisexuals”, speculating about how extending marriage rights to all humans would somehow incorporate animals.


It is extremely doubtful that Kiefert even read the decision, as very few of the arguments made by the majority could even be taken out of context to support bestiality.

Kiefert tried to walk-back the statements this week, saying that he was just “posing a question”, and asks us to look at all the question marks he put in his homophobic, anti-science posts.

He concludes his bizarre statement by saying that he hopes that, “people respect me for who I am”.

Joshua Boschee, an openly gay legislator in North Dakota, said the statements were actually a good thing, because then maybe, “voters in his district will know more about what he stands for. […] [and they might] send someone different to Bismarck.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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