Smash Mouth Singer Threatens To Fight Entire Crowd After Being Pelted With Bread

Flickr / Eva Rinaldi
Flickr / Eva Rinaldi

In history class we learned about bread riots, but this is a whole new thing.

Smash Mouth’s lead singer, Steve Harwell, completely lost it on Sunday night as the crowd began throwing pieces of bread onstage at the band. Something inside him snapped, and he went on a profanity-laced tirade that may have been designed to intimidate, but only managed to amuse.

“I’m gonna beat your ass, whoever you are out there. Walk your bad ass up here. Come on, badass… I’m telling you right now, I’m gonna beat the fuck out of you. You fucking, punk, bitch. You’re ruining a show for thousands of people right now, because I’m gonna walk offstage and guess what, you’re paying for it, motherfucker, OK?”

Hawell got so angry, he jumped off the stage into the crowd and prepared to fight for his honor and dignity. Perhaps worrying it might be a fight he’d lose, security pulled him back as the entire crowd sings “All Star”.

What an all-star. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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