Middle School Class Votes To Spare Life Of Classroom Fish, But Not Everyone Is Happy

Flickr / Chris Combe
Flickr / Chris Combe

A middle school classroom was pulled apart by the seams this past week. Not over politics or religion, but rather, over the fate of their pet fish.

The class had purchased Pablo, the fish, with the expressed intent to grill him up and eat him at the very end of the year. However, that was before the entire class cared for him and nursed him back to health.

Suddenly everyone had a different opinion.

Student Briana Colon, “didn’t want to eat him anymore,” after Pablo had become a fixture of their classroom, even though she was initially looking forward to dissecting him.

Another student, Eddie Tarr, was upset that they didn’t end up eating Pablo, because that was “the plan from the beginning,”

The class was apparently deadlocked for over a week. An instructor said that it was a very tense period.

“Some of the kids are getting upset. Not everything is going to be rosy, especially with a topic like this and this age group,” Michael Paoli told The Wall Street Journal.

The experiment was suppose to test the kids in ethics, math, and science. A compromise measure left Pablo’s life spared, but the life of a second fish under consideration for the next school year.

These kids will be our politicians someday. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t Wall Street Journal

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