Man Tries To F*ck A Horse But Only Manages To Break His Leg

Flickr / Ashley Van Haeften
Flickr / Ashley Van Haeften

Cirilo Castillo Jr. had already served two prison sentences for sexual conduct with animals when he entered a barn in Edinburg, Texas on the morning of February 17th, 2015, to seduce and have sex with one of the horses in the barn.

The horse, however, clearly wasn’t having it. Which is why the property owner found Castillo on the ground with a broken leg when she entered his barn later that day. The owner said that she had told him to stay away her barn, after a prior arrest involving sex with the horses. Castillo has apparently sought the attention of one individual horse multiple times, leading the owner to install a special security camera in the barn.

Mr. Castillo insists that the broken leg was the result of a car accident, and he merely crawled to the barn after being hit by the car. Police, however, suspect the injuries are consistent with being roundhouse kicked by an angry horse.

For this incident, Castillo was charged for criminal trespassing, an offense that could earn him at least a few months in jail. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

h/t The Independent

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