Leaked Video Appears To Show Vine Celebrity Pressuring Girl Into Giving Him Oral

Carter Reynolds is a “Vine celebrity” who has been made famous through the social media app, Vine, which allows users to create short segmented videos.


But it isn’t funny videos, but rather his personal conduct, that has Reynolds in some hot water today.

A video has recently emerged that shows Reynolds trying to pressure his ex-girlfriend, Maggie Lindemann, into performing oral sex on him with a camera rolling.

“I don’t think I can,” she says, but Reynolds pushes her, asking her to just “do it,” and to “pretend like the [camera] isn’t even there.”

Lindemann says multiple times that, “I feel uncomfortable,” and that, “I don’t know if I can…, but Reynolds didn’t relent. The video ends with Reynolds saying, in an exasperated tone, “Oh my gosh, Maggie,”

The internet has exploded with feelings about this incident:



Leading up to his statement, Reynolds alluded to the trouble that was brewing on social media:

And one of his latest tweets has spawned some pretty sassy comebacks on Twitter:



UPDATE: He recently posted an explanation on Twitter

Twitter / Carter Reynolds
Twitter / Carter Reynolds
Twitter / Carter Reynolds
Twitter / Carter Reynolds

Initial reaction was mostly negative:



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