Iowa Supreme Court Upholds Your Right To Get Drunk On Your Front Porch

Flickr / slgckgc
Flickr / slgckgc

Don’t get me wrong, freedom of speech is nice, and people seem to have strong feelings about the right to bear arms, but this is the real civil liberty we should be talking about.

The right to get drunk on your own porch.

I mean, if government takes that away from us, what do we truly have left? As it turns out, it was an open question in the state of Iowa, where Patience Paye got cited for public intoxication while talking with police on her porch. She had called the police to her home to handle a domestic dispute she was having with her boyfriend, and during the course of their investigation they asked Paye whether she had been drinking. The results of the breathalyzer showed her with very high blood alcohol levels, and she was then changed, and later convicted.

Paye sensed something was amiss, however, as her porch wasn’t exactly a public area. The Iowa Supreme Court agreed, saying that someone’s porch, or front steps, shouldn’t be considered “public”.

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h/t Des Moines Register

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