Dozens Of Oblivious Americans Sign Fake Petition To Preemptively Nuke Russia

Youtube / Mark Dice
Youtube / Mark Dice

Activist Mark Dice wanted to see just how oblivious Americans could be. Telling people that a signature was an act of support for President Barack Obama, Dice hung around a California beach where he asked passersby to support a petition in support of a preemptive nuclear (yes, nuclear) strike on Russia.

Dozens of Americans were captured on video, enthusiastically agreeing to help.

Dice: “You’ve seen Russia has been threatening the United States lately.”

Respondent: “Yeah Yeah!”

Dice: “They’ve been trying to flex their international muscles — ”

Respondent: “Here’s the thing: If they are launching their weapons at us, we are going to blow them to smithereens!”

Dice: “Well this is to support President Obama’s plan for a preemptive nuclear strike against Russia, just to send them a message […] just to support America!”

Respondent: “I’ve lived in America all my life! I hope he [Obama] doesn’t disappoint me, because this is really the only thing I’ve ever signed for.”

Some were a little more hesitant, but signed anyways

Respondent: “Do you really think they are going to [nuke Russia]? I don’t think so, I think — ”

Dice: “I think launching a preemptive nuclear strike against Russia is probably the best thing we can do to maintain our authority, so thank you for supporting that.”

And Others Were Just Blindly Supportive

Dice: “It’s Obama’s decision to maintain our superiority by launching a preemptive nuclear strike!”

Respondent: “Yeah, thank you sir!”

Making the situation even more hilarious, apparently state-run media in Russia picked up news of the prank, and is now trying to convince Russians that activists in the United States are actually launching a real grassroots campaign to nuke their country. Russians flocked to social media to express their dismay and concern. / Prank Video Ignites Nuclear / Prank Video Ignites Nuclear Fear Among Russian Media

Dice, who is an anti-Obama, anti-government, conspiracy theorist, was probably trying to make the point that Obama supporters are uninformed and stupid. But if we’ve learned anything from his experiment at all, it is that all people, from the United States to Russia, could afford to be better informed.

Watch The Full Video Here

tl;dr? Think critically and don’t sign petitions to n00k other countries. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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