Arizona Mayor Gets Tased In The Name Of Charity

Youtube / Desen
Youtube / Desen

Glendale Mayor Jerry Weiers wanted to find a way to raise money for a local charity benefiting first responders. He came up with an idea. A crazy one. One that can be summed up concisely with —

— “Tase me, bro!”

Mayor Weiers offered any citizen the opportunity to shoot him with a taser if they made the first $10,000 donation to the 100 Club of Arizona.

“My wife’s not real happy about it, but I still think it’s for the best,” Weiers said before the event took place.

Who donated the prize-winning $10,000? A collective of Arizona Coyotes fans, who were upset that the City Council had voted to end a leasing agreement with the team. Ronda Pearson, a woman who gave a very public rant about the situation, was given the honor of actually pulling the trigger.

See The Event In All Its Glory

Mayor Weiers was cleared by medics after the event as being physically healthy. TC mark

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