American Airlines Responded To An Anti-LGBT Passenger In The Most Epic Way Possible

Flickr / ERIC SALARD  & Twitter / @AmericanAir
Flickr / ERIC SALARD & Twitter / @AmericanAir

In honor of LGBT Pride Month, American Airlines adopted a temporary Rainbow Flag logo in order to support all their passengers, of all orientations and gender identities.

Pretty cool, right?

Well, not according to Twitter user Nathan Lorick.

Nathan seems to be all about complaints, as he begins by throwing shade about American Airline’s flight delays:

Twitter / @NathanLorick
Twitter / @NathanLorick

The social media person at American Airlines then did the only thing they really could do, politely apologize. But then the true gripe came into view.

Twitter / Nathan Lorick
Twitter / @NathanLorick

Then, it happened.

Wait for it…

Twitter / @NathanLorick
Twitter / @AmericanAir

Boom. Roasted.

I guess Nathan is just going to have to stay #disappointed. TC mark

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