27 People Share The Hysterical Reasons #WhyTheyFiredMe

Twitter invited the world to share a very hilarious reason #WhyTheyFired Me, and the results are funny enough to risk your job reading!

1. Sometimes The Truth Hurts


2. Ladder Climb Got A Little Too Ruthless

3. Staying Focused Is Hard

4. Def Against Company Policy


5. What Else Is the Furniture Being Used For??


6. Dude, Learn The Company Culture Already

7. Being Polite is Hard


8. Rickroll.

9. “Aye Matey! Bread Ahoy, In Aisle Five Argggghh!”

10. Lame.

11. I Think You Answered Your Own Question!

12. Eh, Looks Productive!

13. Shocking That He Didn’t Get Reimbursed

14. Maybe They Were Good Friends?

15. Hey, If You Can’t Take The Heat…


16. The Story Of A Millennial’s Life

17. WTF

18. So True

19. Hey, Syllabus Week Is Rough

20. I See The Confusion…

21. LOL

22. They Didn’t Thank You?

23. Maybe It Was Accurate?

24. I See Enthusiasm

25. Hey, If It Is True…

26. You Deserve A Raise, Not Termination

27. Seems Legit

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Producer’s Note: #18 was previously formatted in such a way that it appeared the tweeter was being referred to as “the worst”. That was not this pieces’ intention, and the tweet has been replaced.

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