11 Perfect God-Given Responses To James C. Johnson’s Homophobic Tweet

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In light of the tragic and race-motivated shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, there has been a national discussion about the need to discontinue displaying the Confederate battle flag in public spaces. Many places around the country, including South Carolina’s state capitol building, still fly the flag. It is even incorporated as a part of Mississippi’s official state flag.

People say that the flag symbolizes slavery, racism, and prejudice. And they believe that that symbol should be scrapped.

Not everyone is offended by the Confederate flag, however. James C. Johnson is one of those folks, but there is a flag that does offend him, and he wants you to know about it.

Twitter had a few things to say in response to him being offended:












While Pastor Johnson does acknowledge racism’s role in the horrendous shooting, he believes the true culprit of this event was the evil of “post-modernism”:

Interestingly, a friend of Dylann’s, Joey Meek, was asked about Dylann’s hateful and racist intent. Meek admitted to having knowledge of Dylann’s racist feelings, but when asked if Meek tried to discourage those feelings, Meek said, “I didn’t want to judge him.” In our post-modern world, where absolutes are mocked, and right and wrong are constantly being questioned, I’m thankful for the Bible. The Christian understands that it is the Bible that sets moral authority. (Source: Johnson’s Youtube Channel)

Why oh why is this even real? TC mark


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