19 Completely True College Rules That You Won’t Believe Are Real

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Bob Jones University is a Christian-based college in South Carolina. Its main claim to fame was a ban on interracial dating that came to light after George W. Bush visited the college during his presidential campaign. The college finally dropped the policy after public outcry in 2000. While interracial dating is no longer against the rules, a great deal of things still are. Below are 19 of the wackiest Bob Jones University guidelines pulled straight from their 2014-2015 Student Handbook.

1. Can You Hold Hands With Gloves On?

On and off campus, physical contact between unmarried men and women is not allowed.

2. Big Brother Knows Best

Students may utilize smart phone and tablet apps but are not to engage in unfiltered Internet browsing

3. What If The Third Person Has To Use The Restroom?

Male and female students should guard their testimonies; they are not to be alone together in a classroom, rehearsal studio or other room.

4. Just Ignore Pastor Jones Sitting Between Us

Students are to have an approved chaperon when dating off campus.

5. No Part-Time Bartending Job

Students may not serve alcoholic beverages.

6. Picassos, Yes. Abstract Art, No.

Local fine arts events — Before purchasing tickets students should check with the School of Fine Arts and Communication office to ensure the event is approved.

7. Just Because

Sunday — Residence hall students who drive their vehicles to church on Sunday may stop at a grocery store when returning from church; other shopping on Sunday is not appropriate.

8. Are The Birds Allowed To Sing?

The following music conflicts with our mission and is therefore excluded from performance, personal listening on and off campus, or use in student organizations, societies, student productions or social media:

Any music which, in whole or in part, derives from the following broadly defined genres or their subgenres: Rock, Pop, Country, Jazz, Electronic/Techno, Rap/Hip Hop or the fusion of any of these genres.

9. Can’t “Shake It Off” Apparently

In a related area, because of the sensual nature of many of its forms, dancing is not permitted.

10. I Watch Mostly Disney, So Doesn’t Bother Me

Students are not to watch movies on campus. In homes students may view G-rated movies and movie trailers. In a faculty/staff home students may view certain PG movies when the faculty or staff member watches with students and objectionable elements are discussed

11. No Netflix? No Reason To Live.

Televisions in residence hall rooms may be used as game consoles or computer monitors only. Students are not to watch television shows, movies, movie trailers or sports broadcasts on their cellphones or computers.

12. How Do They Keep Up With the Kardashians??

Because certain websites often contain extensive sensuality, students are not to view celebrity websites, secular music lyric sites, and humor/joke sites.

13. Not Looking Like a Fool With Yo Pants On the Ground

Pants should not be oversized, low-riding or tight (i.e., skinny pants).

14. Lost Razor = Three Demerits

Facial Hair—Students are to shave each morning.

15. K.

Students who drink any alcoholic beverages, whether on or off campus, forfeit their privilege of enrollment as students

16. Remember to Measure

[Women’s] necklines should be no lower than four fingers’ width below the collarbone. No cleavage should be visible.

17. LOL What Better Place to Hang Out!!

Couples or mixed groups are not to socialize inside the parking garage

18. And Other Random Stuff Just ‘Cuz

Mixed swimming is not permitted.

19. Last, And Perhaps Least…

Bob Jones University believes that any form of sexual immorality—such as adultery, fornication, homosexuality, bisexual conduct, beastiality, incest, pornography, or any attempt to change one’s biological sex — is sinful and offensive to God. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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