A Case Against Modern Sexting

Mike Monaghan
Mike Monaghan

why conventional methods of sexing suck

because you do that same thing with your tongue every time. another you on top of me or me on top of you thing. a thing that doesn’t have a name, but it’s boring as fuck.
because the breast, not the nipple, is often forgotten. the rounding of flesh as round as your eyes sucking up my body but not really seeing me. the roundness of my hole that doesn’t always need something inside to feel full.
because i desire so many things, not in sexual ways. a fistful of wildflowers, a piece of homemade bread, the air of something whispering in my ear that i’m someone that can be seen. ghost sex is a lost art.
because you have no imagination and it’s me doing all the talking.
because my body wants many bodies, not other bodies. but your body in new forms. TC mark

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