Don’t Feel Bad For Taking The Time You Need To Feel Okay Again

Don’t Feel Bad For Taking The Time You Need To Feel Okay Again

You are not made of stone or concrete. As humans, we all crumble at heartbreak and drown in overwhelming waves of sadness. It is during times like these that you must embrace your sadness. Be sad. Be angry. Feel weak. These moments will remind you of how you never want to feel again. That you are better than those temporary emotions. The heartbreak and sadness you feel will only be a stepping stone for new and better things.

I had gone through this emotional rollercoaster. I was manipulated and left heartbroken by someone who I thought valued me. But I came to realize that all they cared about was themselves. They never cared about me. They cared about what they could get from me. I just gave them temporary pleasure and momentary comfort at the most convenient times.

This is what hurts the most: when you discover that you are not what they want. But that is okay. You are not always going to be wanted by those who you desperately seek love and admiration from. You can’t control the feelings of others. You can only control your own.

So I was sad for a couple days. I sat on my bed and stared at my ceiling. I locked my bedroom door and spent hours watching Netflix. As the days went by, the pain dulled. I pulled myself from my bed and did things that made me happy. I went to buy a plant. I took my little sister out to eat ice cream.

Doing things that bring you happiness will combat the feelings of sadness and loneliness. Surround yourself with positive energies. Hang out with people that value you and will make you forget that person who does not deserve your time or attention. Little by little you will find that you can smile again. That waking up won’t feel like a chore. That you will think less about that person who hurt you. The day will come when you can be yourself again and look in the mirror to find a face smiling back at you instead of a face stained with tears.

This is a whole process. It takes time and everyone has their own pace. But remember that the sadness you feel is temporary. Be patient with yourself, because better things come to those who can wait. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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