If You Ever Hear Your Child Talk About ‘The Bloody Monsters’ Be Very, Very Afraid

I saw a younger Barbara walk into frame for a second and then the video cut out.

The video came back on and changed to a close-up shot of Barbara sitting in a chair in the blank play room with her plume of blonde hair done up in spectacular fashion and her cheeks rouged. She looked like she was doing one of those old video dating personals from the early-90s.

“My name is Barbara Daniels. I am from Adams Grove, Oklahoma and I believe we have discovered paranormal powers in our home manifesting themselves in the bodies of two young siblings who attend our daycare. What you will see on this video tape is either a spirit or the work of a demon, some kind of pol-ter-a-geist, and we would like to request the Supernatural Advocates come to our home, in Adams Grove, and help us in an episode figure out what is happening with these children.”

Barbara stopped for a moment to collect herself.

“Can you please explain the situation with the kids?” Dale asked from behind the camera.

“Yes. The children are ages seven and ten and attend my daycare. These episodes seem to start when they fall asleep in the night and they wake up in a daze before they fall asleep again shortly after. After they wake up they seem to have absolutely no memory of what happened. However, they constantly talk about how they are scared of ‘the monsters,’ and ‘the bloody monsters,’ though they do not have many details about what these monsters are. We made these tapes to show what is happening to these kids in hopes they can get the help it appears their parents don’t want to get them before something bad happens.”

Barbara looked on the verge of breaking down before the video cut out again.

The video opened again with Mandy and I standing in the room in our cartoon pajamas trembling.

Barbara walked into frame and put her hands on each of our shoulders.

“We’re right here. We’re right here,” Barbara said so quiet the camera barely picked it up. “And this is the last time.”

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