I Used AirBnB To Rent Out A Room For A Weekend, And Now Something Strange Is Going On In My House

This is a work of fiction.

After a few more seconds of wailing, two dark figures covered in head-to-toe dark garb stepped into the shot. Even though their outfits could not have been anymore concealing, I could still tell from their clothed outlines, that one of them was very short and the other very tall. Based on their movements, the shorter one was male, the taller one female.

I watched in captured horror as they took the lock off of my closet door and a naked and bound young woman tumbled out and fell upon the floor in a heap. Her cries were now accompanied by the laughs of the two dark-clad figures.

“Holy shit. Holy shit.”

My jaw began to quiver when I watched the taller figure pull out a machete type knife that I had really only seen in jungle adventure, Indiana Jones-type movies.

“No. No. No!” my words started to mirror those of the pale naked young woman in the video.


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