I Used AirBnB To Rent Out A Room For A Weekend, And Now Something Strange Is Going On In My House

This is a work of fiction.

Thom crawled out of a trap door in the back of the closet with a video camera in his hand.

I screamed and recoiled back towards my bed. Thom stood up in the doorway of the closet.

“Why are you doing this?” I screamed. I ran towards my bedroom door, but was stopped dead in my tracks.

The tall red-headed woman from so many nights before cut me off. Towering over me in her thick heels, it seemed as if she was daring me to try and even make it around her.

I started to walk backwards. I forgot Thom was waiting behind me until I bumped into him. I was trapped between the both of them now, the two descending on me slowly, but menacingly.

I gave up. There was nothing I could do at this point. Every muscle in my body slacked its tension. I hoped that maybe my disappearing fear and tension might actually relieve some of their zest.

It didn’t. My eyes locked with Thom’s and the faintest hint of smile developed upon his crusty lips.

“What the fuck do you even want from me?” I whispered.

That smile kept developing further upon Thom’s lips.

“I want you to be the star of my next film.” TC mark


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