The 5 Types Of Guy Friends Every Girl Has Or Needs In Their 20s

Bryan Apen

1. The Basic Bestie

This is the guy that can seamlessly switch between talking about your real friends and characters from the TV shows you watch. He doesn’t roll his eyes about making a Starbucks run or trying out that new cocktail bar in town that you found on Instagram. You can communicate using only emojis and gifs. He gives you more than a “yes” or “no” answer when you ask him about your outfit or have him proof read a risky text message. He openly identifies as a feminist and practices what he preaches in his friendship with you. He validates your femininity without feeling as if his masculinity is at risk.

2. The Advisor

You might not talk to this guy every day, but he’s the one you turn to when something big is on the line. He’s coached you through job interviews and proofread your resume. He’s the one you text when you’re in a bind and need to see if you’re operating from a purely emotional standpoint or if there’s some logic involved. He’ll give you tough love regarding where you need to step up your game but this is what makes his compliments feel so genuine when they pop up in conversation. He pushes you to be the best version of yourself and cheers from the sidelines when he sees you accomplish goals in your career or otherwise. With him, there’s no fuss, no nonsense, and no need to question whether or not he’s in your corner.

3. The Brother

This is the guy who will be on your side, no matter what. Even if you’re wrong, he’ll defend you in the moment and talk to you about any shortcomings or missteps later. He prioritizes your physical and emotional safety over anything. There is no questioning the tacit love that exists in this relationship. He’s the guy you always want to feel proud of you so he makes you the best possible version of yourself. Your family adores him but never questions your relationship with him—it’s just expected and accepted because you’ve been friends for so long.

4. The Ex

Maybe you officially dated this guy at some point or maybe you just have flirted with the idea of it, but either way there’s a spark here that can’t be denied, despite being just friends. He knows you in a different way than your other guy friends because he sees you in a different way. There’s history, there’s chemistry, but at the foundation there is respect and that’s why this friendship works. He sets a standard for the romantic relationships in your life and is always checking in with you to make sure that your relationships are meeting them. This is the guy you can have a conversation with just by exchanging looks across the room. You mutually root for each other, but are also ready to pick each other up if there’s a fallout, heartbreak, or disappointment.

5. The Intellectual

This is the guy friend who people question your relationship with because when a text from him pops up it is always more than 5 lines long. You’re constantly in discussions about big-picture topics: politics, science, and history are all fair game. When you want to check out an art exhibit or go to see an artist who isn’t on the American Top 40s perform live, this is the guy you call. He recommends books, movies, and music you’ve never heard of before. He compliments your intelligence and insight over brunch. He never checks his phone when he’s engaged in conversation with you—or anyone. He accomplishes the near impossible task of bringing so much into your friendship without ever making you feel like you’re not on his level. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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