6 Texts Girls Actually Like To Receive In The Age Of Modern Dating

Tony Lam Hoang
Tony Lam Hoang

In this age of technology, the common denominator of staying in touch is the text message, whether that’s the classic SMS, WhatsApp, iMessage, or Tinder message. I recently had a conversation with a friend about why we respond really quickly to some messages or why we leave others on read for weeks and weeks until remembering to reply isn’t even worth it anymore. There are a lot of pitfalls that can make a text boring, so instead let’s focus on the good. Here are a few text messages I know girls love to get.

1. Remembering an important event.

Obviously, this goes for the regular important things like birthdays and holidays, but if you’re really trying to slide into those metaphorical DMs ask her about something personal. Did she mention an exam, a meeting with a supervisor, or another event she was excited/nervous about? If she mentioned it, it’s on her mind and if you let her know that it’s been on yours too will automatically let her know that she is important to you.

2. Sharing a piece of yourself.

Ask for advice on an outfit and she’ll know that her opinion matters to you. Send her a song that you’ve been jamming to and every time she hears it, she’ll think of you.

3. Another way to say “I’m thinking of you.”

My absolute favorite types of text messages to receive are ones where someone tells me that something random made them think of me. This is because usually it reveals the context in which the sender views our relationship. Also, when the thing that reminded someone of me is accurate in my eyes as well it let’s me know that the sender understands me and has been paying attention. This is 10x better than just saying that you’re thinking of a girl. Don’t tell me, show me.

4. A direct response to something public.

We’re all guilty of social media stalking the people we’re interested in, so don’t make it creepy—make it work for you. Let’s be real, if she’s posting it, she’s looking for a positive reaction from followers. So, if you see something great on Instagram or Snapchat, respond to it via text with a compliment or question that will keep the conversation going.

5. A meaningful memory.

If you have a previous relationship with the girl, give her a little account of a memory that you shared together. Hearing something from your perspective will not only let her know that you value your time together but also will give her a new way to look at a happy time.

6. The good morning text.

This is the ultimate—all girls love to wake up to a text message from someone they’ve been thinking about. It can sometimes come off as a bit strong, though. Want a way to ease into it? Purposefully do not answer a text after 10pm, then say good morning and pick up the conversation the next day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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