I Know A Boy That Lives A Life He Never Chose

via Unsplash - Dustin Scarpitti
via Unsplash – Dustin Scarpitti

I know a boy who is insecure.
I know this boy is out looking for a cure.
I know a boy who has mother and father problems.
I know that he avoids trying to solve them.
I also know that affects his life and how he treats the people in it.
I know that he says things and later on, he doesn’t mean it.
I know a boy who beats up other guys and tells them to “act like men.”
I know a boy whose father does the same thing to him.
I know a boy who calls me ugly and tells me that girls are a waste of space                  and time.
I know this boy says this because his mother never checks to see if he is fine.
I know a boy who acts tough to get attention.
I know a boy who is actually hungry for real affection.
I know a boy who does not know how to deal with his emotions.
I know a boy who forgets his feelings by creating a commotion.
I know a boy who is trying to solve his own puzzle.
I know a boy who would do anything for a warm cuddle.
I know a boy who never had someone to lean on.
I know this is where all his troubles stem from.
I met a boy who needed a lift.
I know a boy who was starting to drift.
I knew this boy needed guidance.
I knew this boy was stuck in silence.
I know a boy who balances pride on his nose.
I know a boy that lives a life he never chose. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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