Falling In Love With You Is Fun

Falling in love with you is like surfing. You get into it not knowing how long it will last, not knowing if you’re going to fuck up and fall right in the middle of it. It’s exciting and it doesn’t require extensive calculation and thought. You fall into it and hope you can ride the wave out to the end.

Falling in love with you is like running downhill. You can stop. You should probably slow down before you trip over yourself and fall. But the wind feels great, the speed is exhilarating, and you just can’t bring yourself to put an end to this.

You are a thunderstorm and I find myself dancing in the rain. You blew all the sense out of me. We are jumping off a cliff and leaving behind our thoughts. There’s no more space for anything else in my mind, in my heart and in my life because I am already overflowing with happiness.

We are nothing but a series of laughs and thrills. We don’t have a second to sit down and consider how this will turn out but it’s alright. This kind of love may seem shallow to those who don’t understand it. People may say we’re always just fooling around. They don’t think we’re ever serious, and they are right, we are never serious, except when it comes to each other. I find that it is now impossible to live the rest of my life without new adventures with you.

And this IS love, because I want you to draw a picture of the rest of our life together. This is love because I want to color that picture in with the sounds of our laughter. This is love because there is no need to be anyone but ourselves with each other. This is love because we believe it is. This love isn’t any less intense than those portrayed in Hollywood movies. This love isn’t in any way lesser than the “deep meaningful conversations” kind of love. This love is ours, and it’s as good as any other, if not better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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