21 Things That Let You Know You’re A Millennial In Love

1. Risking that 3% of battery life left to text back.

2. Caring about your partner more than you care about your Twitter follower count.

3. Not buying the cheapest wine on the menu.

4. Being able to relate to a Taylor Swift song, no matter how much you don’t want to admit it.

5. Only wearing mascara and lipstick instead of a full face of makeup.

6. Willingly participating in a juice cleanse, or paleo diet, or whatever she/he is into at that moment.

7. Finally deleting Tinder on your phone.

8. And your OKCupid profile.

9. Getting annoyed at every notification that goes to your phone that didn’t come from your significant other.

10. Being stuck to your phone all day but pretty much going off the grid whenever you’re on a date, because you don’t feel the need to check your phone whenever you’re with them.

11. Feeling the pain of choosing which photo of you and your significant other to delete from your phone when the memory is full.

12. Debating between which app or social platform you should use to contact your significant other, because you’ve added each other on all of them.

13. Knowing who every one of your significant other’s subtweets are about.

14. A significant reduction in the number of tweets posted per day because most of those tweets have been directly texted to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

15. Having your significant other top your snapchat bestie list. By a mile.

16. Not getting annoyed at the 20th selfie sent by your significant other for the day. Even if it’s only 3pm.

17. Not feeling the need to check up on the “last seen at…” or “read at…” timestamp on their messages or whatsapp.

18. Adding their mother on Facebook.

19. Knowing that no matter how obnoxious your Instagram post is, you’ll always get at least one ‘like’.

20. Being able to sing along to Carly Rae Jepsen together with zero judgment, ironically or otherwise.

21. Letting your significant other take a sip of your morning coffee. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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