10 Things You Don’t Realize She’s Doing Because She’s Secretly In Love With You

 Brandon Woelfel
Brandon Woelfel

1. Prioritizing hanging out with you.

If she likes you as a friend, she’ll hang out with you when and if it’s convenient for both of you. If she likes you as more than a friend, she’ll drop or cancel plans in order to hang out when you want to hang out. Because she enjoys your company more than she enjoys other people’s company – in fact, she cannot get enough of it.

2. Texting you things she thinks you’d find funny.

When something makes her giggle, you’re the first thing that pops into her head. She cares about you, which means she wants to make you smile, whenever she can, in whichever tiny way she can.

3. Making excuses to touch you.

Placing a hand on your arm, then withdrawing it. Hugging you a moment too long. Letting her hand ‘accidentally’ bump yours one too many times when you’re walking together – it may not be entirely intentional. But she’s drawn to you, and her body knows it just as much as she does.

4. Rushing to your side when something’s wrong.

She’s the first one to detect a note of disappointment in your voice, the first one to rush to your side on a bad day. She feels your joys and your pains almost as deeply as she feels her own, and she can’t stand the thought of you having to go through anything that’s troubling you alone.

5. Withholding judgement about your love interests.

She has trouble discussing your romantic prospects with you, because she doesn’t want to discourage you from finding someone who could potentially make you very happy, but she also harbors the secret hope that that someone could eventually be her. So she remains decidedly neutral about most of the people you date, telling you things like, “She seems nice,” paired with a half-hearted smile.

6. Distancing herself when you get into a relationship.

She makes an effort to be friendly with your significant other but for the most part, her presence is scarce when you’re in love. She’s happy for you – truly, she is – but it’s also hard for her to watch you be affectionate around someone else. So when you have a new lady in your life, you don’t see her quite as often as usual.

7. Orchestrating one-on-one hangouts.

She is always trying to single you out at group gatherings, or making excuses to leave places with you. It’s not that she doesn’t love your mutual friends – it’s just that she enjoys spending quality time with you, and it’s always easier to make that connection one-on-one.

8. Asking you deep, difficult questions.

She doesn’t just want to know what you’re up to day-to-day – she wants to know what makes you tick, what drives and motivates you, which of your past wounds are unhealed and which future hopes you clutch tightly to your chest. She wants to know as much about you as she possibly can, because she loves every new thing she learns. Because what makes you you simply fascinates her.

9. Sharing intimate details about herself with you.

She doesn’t shy away from the difficult conversations or uncomfortable truths about her own life around you. She wants you to know her in the same way that she wants to know you – in a raw, unguarded way. Because she knows that you’re someone worth sharing with.

10. Doing things for you ‘just because.’

Picking up a small gift that she thinks you’d like. Offering to run an errand on your behalf. Reaching out to you in small, but meaningful ways, simply because she wants to see you happy.

It may not be noticeable at first. It may take a while for the clues to add up. But if she’s doing any or all of the above on a regular basis, chances are she’s already in love with you – and you’re probably lucky she is. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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