Your Forever Person Is Going To Be Willing To Fight For You

The Internet has been putting a great deal of emphasis on ‘forever people’ lately. It seems as though it’s now imperative to not only date and enjoy the company of someone, but to also ensure right away that he is going to be the guy who sticks by your side forever.

And there’s nothing wrong with looking for your forever! But here’s the truth about the guy who’s going to be in it for the long haul – it won’t be hard to pick him out.

You won’t have to wonder about him. You won’t have to question his intentions. You won’t have to wait for him to give you a sign or indication that he’s ready to tackle life alongside you – because he’ll make it clear to you every step of the way. Here are 15 ways in which your forever person will be willing to fight for you and him:

1. He’ll fight to get your attention.

Your forever will introduce himself with confidence, make his intentions clear, and keep the line of communication flowing. He won’t let the fear of rejection get in the way of getting to know you – he’ll make a hell of a first impression and he’ll work to make sure you remember him.

2. He’ll fight to get to know you.

Your forever guy isn’t the one who texts you offhandedly when he’s bored. He’s the one who’ll make the conscious effort to get to know you – who’ll ask you questions, make connections, take note of your likes and dislikes and remember them deliberately. You won’t have to question whether or not your forever person is interested, because he’ll put forth the effort to invest in you.

3. He’ll fight to keep you interested.

He’ll think up creative dates, engage you in interesting conversation and surprise you in tiny ways – because he wants you to know that he is willing to go the extra mile for you. He wants to fight to keep you intrigued.

4. He’ll fight to tear down your walls.

Your forever won’t shy away from asking you hard questions, listening to you describe your past and striving to understand why you are guarded. He’ll know that everyone builds up walls to protect their heart, and he won’t be afraid to fight to bring down yours.

5. He’ll fight to prove his devotion.

Your forever person will know that trust is earned, not given – and he’ll continuously strive to earn yours. He’ll keep his promises, show up when he says he will, and take accountability when he messes up. He won’t make you question his intentions – he’ll want to be with you, and he’ll fight to show you that every day.

6. He’ll fight his way into your world.

He’ll make an effort to get to know your friends and family. He’ll take an interest in your interests. He’ll make himself a part of your world, and he’ll invite you to become a part of his.

7. He’ll fight to show he cares after an argument.

Even when he’s angry with you, your forever person won’t let you forget that he cares. He’ll approach conflict reasonably, fairly and directly. He’ll fight to keep the relationship together, not just to get his way.

8. He’ll fight personal battles alongside you.

He’ll make your opponents his opponents. He’ll celebrate your wins as his own. He’ll be an enthusiastic member of your team and he’ll fight to help you succeed at all costs.

9. He’ll fight to make you smile on the bad days.

When you’re feeling down, he’ll go out of his way to pick your mood up. He’ll take notice of what makes you feel better on the bad days and he’ll do whatever it takes to make you smile. Because he knows that you would do the exact same for him.

10. He’ll fight to keep falling in love with you.

He won’t stop trying to woo you once he has you. He’ll spend his whole life continuing to court you – surprising you in whichever small ways he can think of, and somehow managing to sweep you off your feet over and over again.

11. He’ll fight for you when you’re having doubts.

When you’re questioning the relationship or struggling to figure out how the two of you will make it work, he’ll be there with patience, understanding and encouragement. He won’t leave you hanging when it matters the most – your forever person will be there to work through every issue alongside you.

12. He’ll fight for the things you believe in.

When it comes to your forever person, your passions will become his passions too. He’ll take a vested interest in the issues you feel strongly about, because he respects your values – and he wants to help you fight for the causes you believe in.

13. He’ll fight to keep growing alongside you.

All relationships experience periods of stagnation – but when you find your forever person, you’ll want to keep changing and growing with them – and they’ll inspire you to continue to do so. He’ll make you want to be a better person in the way that no other guy has – and you can bet he feels the same way about you.

14. He’ll fight to love you more each day than he did the day before.

Your forever person knows that there’s no limit to how much two people can love each other. He’ll fight to make every day he spends with you special – and to never stop winning you over, no matter how long you’re together.

15. He’ll fight to make you his forever.

Your forever person won’t make you wonder when he’s going to text you back, what his intentions are in the relationship and whether or not he’s in it for the long haul – he’ll go well out of his way to remind you that he’s serious about you and him.

He knows that you’re the kind of girl who’ll fight to hold onto your forever. And he’s willing to fight just as hard – every day for the rest of both of your lives. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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