You Haven’t Found Your Forever Person, Because You’re Too Impatient

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There was a time when the world lived without internet or social media. Life was slow, but it was simple.

Courting in this day is unheard of. Courting in the olden days would last for years and you had to be respectable, had to have good moral standing, and had to face your beloved’s family.

Dating was a family affair and you couldn’t exactly be your weird self. You couldn’t hide behind the perfect profile like people do today.

Dating in the modern age has become easy and fast. Easy because you can just swipe right on Tinder, friend request someone, or follow your crush on IG or Twitter.

Fast because all it takes is a click or a swipe. Pretty convenient if you look at it objectively, but when feelings are involved, that’s the complicated part.

Technology has brought us closer than ever to actually finding a soul mate and at the same time has caused a lot of shattered hopes because of the “friend zone.”

I’m not going to tell you how to date.

But this journey isn’t supposed to be something as impulsive as getting your next frap when you want it right now.

Tinder has made it acceptable to be impulsive — but it has also made you regret the decision of sleeping with a guy you fancied because of his profile picture.

The difference between years ago and today was that they had too much time on their hands. Time moved slowly for them.

Today, we have no time due to school, jobs, friends, and family.

Articles have been written, saying that women today still want romance. Articles have also been written, saying that men want a life partner and not just a one-night stand.

Then it is agreed that men and women both want a life partner.

So both parties need to put in time and effort. Need to actually get to know each other.

We still have time. We still have lots of time. Dating does not need to be fast-paced.

Romancing each other takes time. Getting to know a person takes time.

We can’t be impatient when it comes to love. We’ve heard of the line: “Love is patient. Love is kind.” There’s some truth in it.

Log off and enjoy each other’s company. Stroll through the park. Sip a cup of coffee or tea in some unknown cafe. Look at the city’s skyline. Get lost in the romance. Get lost in each other’s embrace.

Romantic isn’t it?

Impatience leads to being impulsive which leads to heartbreak.

There are about 7 billion people on this planet. You’re eventually going to meet the one you will spend the rest of your life with.

Forget the labels. Forget the norms of dating. It is important to get to know a person on your own terms. It is your life and your decision.

You deserve to be happy. But happiness takes time and effort. Don’t be impatient.

Don’t let peer pressure dictate when you should get married and have children. If you force it, soon enough what you thought was the perfect partner will turn out to be your worst nightmare.

Rushing into the unknown is not the wisest decision. Thought Catalog Logo Mark 

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