Hustlers, Sometimes You Just Have To Take The Night Off

Max van den Oetelaar / Unsplash

Sometimes you just have a really busy week. You worked hard, hustled like the dedicated badass you are and made yourself proud. It was a week that, no matter how often you want to take a nap and do something less stressful, you wouldn’t change because you know that it was important.

Work is important, it really is. Not only does it give us a sense of fulfillment (if you love your job at least) but it also makes us feel proud of ourselves, for doing something we always wanted to do. You love that you were disciplined enough to work hard, and brave enough to do what you did.

While working and being productive is fantastic, and it matters a lot, sometimes you just have to take the night off. More importantly, you have to take the night off and not feel guilty about it throughout it and especially the next morning.

We all deserve breaks after kicking ass, and you sure as hell don’t need to give yourself shit over feeling tired. Life wasn’t meant to be lived by only working. Life was made to be enjoyed, and that means taking the night off to relax every now and then.

So, do it. Tonight. If you hustled hard, and you genuinely feel like you need a break, do it. If you don’t think you need a long night’s break, then don’t, that’s completely up to you. If you have the energy to work again until 1:00 AM, then continue reaching your goals.

But if you feel like your brain can’t focus no matter how badly you want it to, stop. Don’t feel guilty, don’t kick your ass about it, just stop. Just for the night! (I mean, take a day if you want, but if that sounds like too much, I’m just talking about a night.)

Put your laptop away, turn off your phone, and don’t talk to anyone. Seriously, spending time on social media does not mean taking a break.

When you’ve done all that, go to your freezer, take out your ice cream, sit on your living floor, and eat. Or make popcorn and watch a movie in your comfiest pajamas or in your underwear, I don’t care. Sit on your dining room table, listen to Billie Holiday, and play Sudoku, or solitaire, or build a puzzle. Lay on your bed, stare at the ceiling, and then take an hour nap. Meditate. Color. Bake. Knit. Hell, do all of the above. It’s okay!

You deserve a break, so give it to yourself.

I know you’ll feel bad because someone else out there is working and you’re taking a break, but think about it: can you even focus? Do you keep looking at the wall, over your laptop and blanking out? Do you keep stretching your arms back and rubbing your eyes? Are you tired?

Then stop working. Taking a step back to re-energize yourself is exactly what you need. When you wake up tomorrow after a nine-hour sleep, you’re going to feel like you again. You’re going to be excited, pumped up, and ready for the day.

You’re going to be able to do the thing that you weren’t able to do yesterday because you rested. Rest matters, and so do you.

Take the night off. TC mark

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