5 Little Ways To Heal After A Fuckboy Breaks Your Heart

Just in case you didn’t know… it happens to the best of us, my love.

I strongly believe that one of the hardest parts of pursuing a relationship is being vulnerable with the person you’re interested in. Especially as a woman. You do your best to let your guard down in hopes of them doing the same. And for a while, it probably is that way, but somewhere down the road he decides “you’re too good for him” or that “he’s not ready for a relationship.” That’s where he leaves you… hopeless and heartbroken.

If no one else has told you, here are 5 little ways to heal after a fuckboy breaks your heart.

Block him.

No matter how much self-love or self- confidence you might have, you’re going to have to cut him off in order to heal. Sweet nothings sound good every time, sis. Nevertheless, without the action behind them, that’s all they are…nothing. When you’re ready to heal from what he’s done to you, you’ll have to steer clear of his apologetic regret.


“Alexa, play (pretty much anything) by Beyoncé.”

I’m not talking about with a new man either. Don’t EVER hesitate to boost your OWN ego—especially when he seems to have forgotten who you are. Whether you make a drastic change or a simple addition to your solidified greatness, upgrade yourself… for YOU.

Take responsibility.

This pill may be a little hard to swallow… but at the end of the day, you’ve got to take responsibility for trying to pursue him even after you saw the red flags. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Most women want to believe we can change a man when the time calls—but we learn the hard way that we can’t. Accepting this takes much of the blame you might be placing on yourself away. Accountability is great therapy, babygirl. Accept that shit and find better.

Keep dating.

When a fuckboy fucks you over, do NOT allow that to deter you from dating and pursuing future relationships. They’re not all fuckboys, I promise. One of our biggest flaws as women—hell, as people—is allowing a bad experience to stop us from trying the same thing again. You deserve to find everything you thought he would be. You just have to keep moving forward. Next time, take heed to the flags.

Learn from this experience.

“When you know better, you DO better!” At the end of the day, you’ve got to learn from the mistake you made. Add this to the playbook and let it stick! If you’re truly broken-hearted, you won’t allow another man to put you in this same position knowingly. That, in itself, is healing AF. We aren’t making the same mistake twice. #BoyByeIf you can manage to do these 5 things, healing will come. Take your time. It may not be fast and it won’t be easy—especially when you’re truly broken-hearted—but I promise you it WILL come.

Love is out there for you, but so are the fuckboys. Don’t give up, sis. 

Adulting is hard AF… we might as well figure it out together.

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