The Best Three Zodiac Signs To Have Sex With

Drew Graham

Am I really good in bed?

We have all thought about it before. The majority of us have even asked the people we slept with (some time after the encounter) whether or not we were good in bed in their opinion. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to know! I, for one, completely believe in the astrological alignment between our behaviors, emotions, and sexual capabilities, but not everyone does and that’s okay. Before we get into the top three zodiac signs to have sex with, don’t think I’m saying that you don’t have great sex if you’re not listed. Good, better, and best are three different things… but still, it’s all good. Here are the three best zodiac signs to have sex with. Let’s get into it!

AQUARIUS (Jan 20 – Feb 18)

​The thing that makes Aquarius one of the top three zodiac signs to have sex with is their ability to persuade you into spicing things up during sex—in just about any way that you can imagine. Aquarius isn’t known for being the most emotional zodiac sign, so I wouldn’t say you should expect to ‘make love’ to an Aquarius or anything, but if you’re looking for an exhilarating sexual experience, Aquarius is the way to go. They are sexual initiators and sexual innovators. You won’t be able to forget a number of ‘firsts’ that Aquarius is sure to make you have. Best part? Aquarius is confident in their ability to give you what you want and need in bed, but they don’t have a pushy approach and they don’t come off prideful either.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 21)

The master of sex. Known for their high sexual drive, Scorpio had to land in the top three zodiac signs to have sex with. Scorpio thrives off of good great sex. Scorpio brings the passion to the bedroom by showing just how much it means to them that you are sexually satisfied. Scorpio is going to make sure you get off and enjoy doing it. They are willing to introduce whatever is necessary to keep the fire lit for you (and them) just to make sure things doing dull out and get boring—and if they do, to make sure it’s not their fault. Scorpio can be more into you as a sexual partner instead of a potential dating partner. Be careful of this. Best part? Scorpio is willing to do just about anything to please you in bed.

ARIES (March 20 – April 19)

Aries is captivating. Aries is intoxicating. Aries has a mystery about them that makes sex with them truly unforgettable. They are known for being able to get you to explore yourself in ways that you normally wouldn’t, making the time you reach climax damn near mind-blowing. They can also be considered the Ultimate One Night Stand Clan, as many people have mind-blowing sex with an Aries and usually don’t know whether or not they’ll ever see them again. Most times they don’t. Aries is too free to be tied down. Best part? Aries will explore you sexually, finding out all the right places and moves to make your night one of the most memorable life experiences to date. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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