Promise Me You’ll Never Be Afraid To Feel Too Much

Have you ever felt like you’re taking the weight of the world on your shoulders? It could feel like you’re carrying pounds of luggage at your knees. It could feel like you’re lifting a heaviness beyond what you can hold. It could feel like you’re sacrificing all that you have to continue to move forward.

The fact of the matter is, every day we are surrounded by a mirage of feelings big and small. It is so easy to constantly be bombarded with an entire complexion of emotions. It is so easy for feelings to seem as if they are a burden to us.

When we are highly sensitive beings—we not only feel our pain, but we feel our friends’, family’s, coworkers’, and complete strangers’ pain. At this point, our tender hearts not only have to pump for our own life but for everyone we come in contact with. Instead of carrying one feeling, we are carrying millions. It can make us feel that our feet are sinking into quicksand, and we are unable to stand on the ground.

We feel so deeply, and the world has convinced us that this is our flaw.

The world has convinced us that feelings are unattractive. Feelings have been viewed as weaknesses, flaws, and formulas to solve. We are supposed to become obsessed with recognizing our feelings, labeling them, and resolving them. The world tells us that we feel too much. They try to convince us that we should shut our feelings off. They have convinced us that being sensitive is a waste of time. Yet, it is these thoughts that are damaging the most beautiful part of the human soul.

We should celebrate that we are capable enough to feel such a wide span of emotions. We are the only species in the world that feels the way that we do, and so why do we hide it?

So please don’t believe the world when they tell you that you should be ashamed for feeling deeply. Please don’t bury your feelings within the walls you’ve created because someone told you to. Please don’t ignore the burning in your soul. Please don’t feel embarrassed the next time you cry. Please don’t feel guilty when someone breaks your heart and you need months to grieve. Please don’t let someone tell you that your feelings are not valid.

Please don’t ever let someone tell you that you feel too much.

You shouldn’t feel ashamed for being broken, you should revel in it. You should celebrate that life has grabbed you by both hands and is pulling you into completely unexpected places. You should celebrate that you feel everything so deeply.

I don’t want you to feel ashamed for feeling too much. I don’t want you to be worried about being too sensitive, or showing too much emotion. I want you to know that everything that you feel is beautiful. I want you to know that your feelings are yours, and they won’t look like everyone else’s. I want you to own them, rest in them, and rejoice in the fact that your soul has the ability to actually feel.

I want you to celebrate these facts. I want you to celebrate that when life threw you things harder than you could imagine, you gained strength and pain. I want you to celebrate that even when you could have fallen down a thousand times, you chose to rise. I want you to celebrate that you’re still allowing grace to run through your veins, and you’re looking at the world with beautiful eyes. I want you to celebrate the moments when your heart breaks and the world seems too impossible to hold. I want you to run in the wind and allow air through your lungs.

I want you to feel too much.

Mainly, I want you to walk both feet forward into the open doors of life and promise to me—and to you—that you will always feel too much.

Promise me that your heart will always break for those who are suffering. Promise me that you’ll always get angry when one of your friends gets hurt. Promise me that you’ll smile from ear to ear when love comes into your life. Promise me that when love breaks your heart, you’ll cry for weeks. Promise me that you won’t just run through life, but that you’ll let life run through you. I promise you that by doing this, you’ll see how things connect. You’ll see how your loss leads to your love, and how your love leads to your loss. You’ll see that everything in life is so beautifully intertwined that it will take you beyond your wildest dreams.

One day you’ll look back and you’ll see that every feeling that you felt brought you here.

So, love, I want you to feel everything, it is never too much. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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