8 Ridiculous Thoughts Every Second Semester Senior Understands

Shutterstock / Frannyanne
Shutterstock / Frannyanne

1. In three months I will never be responsible for homework. Ever. Again. No one is going to ask me to write a 10-12 page paper discussing the themes of isolation in Romeo & Juliet. Or to read 37 pages on Faulkner. Is this real life?

2. I can’t believe I felt like I was old when I was a freshman. I was eighteen. I WAS A BABY. There were nights when I could stay up for a ridiculous amount of hours without thinking twice. Now when I stay up until midnight I feel like a boss.

3. I wonder what life will be like when I’m gonna be responsible for having to pay for every single thing I eat? Long gone will be the days of my sweet, blissful meal swipes. I don’t know if I’m ready to see this go.

4. People are going to start judging me on very different things post-college. My abilities aren’t going to be measured by test scores or essay grades. They’re going to be measured by what I bring to the table in a work setting. And that idea is both very exciting and very scary.

5. It’s gonna be a beautiful thing not having to hide my alcohol behind six boxes of cereal anymore. If I want a glass of wine with my dinner I’m gonna have it, damnit! You RA’s can’t control me anymore!

6. I’m going to have to, like…PAY for a gym membership now. No more access to the school rec center. Crap.

7. Am I really not going to have to spend around $200 every couple of months on books that I will only use for one semester, only to have to return them for about 75% less than what they cost? There are endless possibilities for what that money can buy. It’ll probably go towards adult things though, like gas or groceries or phone bills. Damn.

8. I can’t believe this experience is coming to an end. I feel like I just blinked and now it’s almost over. Is it wrong of me to not want it to end? Is it even more wrong of me to be excited about what’s to come? I don’t even know how I feel. Being a college senior is weird, man. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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